Shirin Neshat. Dreamers
In Dreamers, artist Shirin Neshat explores her identity as an Iranian woman living in America, indirectly investigating issues of gender, power, displacement, protest, identity, and the space between the personal and the political aspects of her own recurring dreams.

The book is based on the artist’s eponymous video installation trilogy, which comprises Illusions & Mirrors, Roja and Sarah. The multiple fold binding allows readers to cross-examine each narrative, establishing a dynamic dialogue. The three stories explore women’s dreams through emotional and psychological narratives, remaining on the border of dream and reality; madness and sanity; consciousness and sub-consciousness. Black and silver duotone printing suggest Neshat’s inspiration in Man Ray’s solarization process, immersing the reader in the inner ethereal world of the main characters.

This book is part of Ivorypress LiberArs series, an ongoing collection of pocket-sized artist’s books presenting previously unpublished work.

Shirin Neshat, Dreamers. Madrid: Ivorypress, 2018.

105 x 150 mm
48 pages per 3 books

Design Joana Bravo assisted by Marion Bretagne

Printing Offset duotone on Fedrigoni Sirio Ultrablack 135g by Brizzolis 

Special finishes Foiling by Cartón-Net

Binding Five-part unfoldable softcover in G.F Smith Colorplan Scarlet 350g with three volumes with open spine thread-bound by Encuadernación Ramos

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