¿Quién te tuvo? — Jonás Bel

“Images of images of images. Texts that have been erased, rewritten, torn up. Signs, figures, bodies, enclosures washed away by water. Stones crumbling upon stones. A place with dust now hanging over it. Dwelling without memory, who owned you?” (José Ángel Valente)

Turning the pages of this album, I’m reminded of Gonzalo Suárez’s words: “it doesn’t matter much if you live a long time or a short while, because you only live for an instant.”
— Jonás Bel in ¿Quién te tuvo?

¿Quién te tuvo? is a photobook by Jonás Bel. The book comprises two views on the same theme — fraility — separated in two parts, white and black. The project in the first part of the book combines found photographs with the images of the places in which they were found, generating surprising overlaps. The second part, on the other hand, includes raw images, inspired by a graffitti that read ‘Recuerda siempre tu fragilidad’ (‘Always remember your frailty’), which remind us every moment of how fragile and ephemeral we are. The cover, in deep black, is a rough contrast with the inside pages it conceals.

Jonás Bel, ¿Quién te tuvo?. Madrid: PHREE, 2015.

170 x 210 mm
148 pages

Design Joana Bravo and Álvaro Rey, in collaboration with Jonás Bel and Ángela Villaverde

Prepress Eduardo Nave / Control-P

Printing Offset on Munken Lynx 130g by AG Palermo 

Special Finishes Hot-foil stamping

Binding Softcover in Antalis Curious Matter Black Truffle bound by Encuadernación Felipe Méndez

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