Looking Forward. Ivorypress at Twenty-Five
Looking Forward. Ivorypress at Twenty-Five has books as its core subject. It chronicles the history of Ivorypress: publishing house, gallery and bookshop, since its foundation by Elena Ochoa Foster in 1996.

Though singular in content and layout, the three volumes in this collection are united by a common grid and the same typeface, Rongel, inspired by the 1799 catalogue of matrices and punches owned by the Spanish Royal Printshop, Muestra de los Punzones y Matrices de la Letra que se funde en el Obrador de la Imprenta Real.

Words is an anthology of the most significant texts previously published by Ivorypress, ranging from prose to poetry, from Marina Abramović to Mario Vargas Llosa. Books presents both the conceptual approach as well as the technical making of behind sixteen artist’s books published by the imprint. The handling of countless editions permitted a close-up examination of papers, bindings, and printing techniques, a crucial step in defining a specific photographic art direction for this volume. The collection is completed with Stories, where the reader is introduced to distinctive approaches to conceiving, making, editing and exhibiting books, through interviews to artists — from Jenny Holzer to Edmund de Waal —, designers — such as Fernando Gutiérrez or Óscar Mariné — and personalities related to art publishing —including Christophe Chérix, Estrella de Diego and David Campany.

Numerous dummies were built over the course of three years to test the materiality of the object: scale, weight, paper, binding. The large number of pages determined both the choice for a light-weight paper with high opacity, and the flexible semi-hard cover binding system which allows for the books to open flat. A special edition box that can unfold into a display holds the three volumes together.

VV.AA.; Claire Brandon, ed., Looking Forward: Ivorypress at Twenty-Five. Madrid: Ivorypress, 2021.

120 x 200 mm (each)
Words: 896 pages Books: 688 pages
Stories: 732 pages

Design Joana Bravo assisted by María Albillos, Marion Bretagne and Ana Carlota Cano

Printing Offset on Gmund Lakepaper Blocker 80g by Nueva Imprenta

Special finishes Hand-dyed edges by Acabados Gráficos La General and foiling by Encuadernación Ramos

Binding Semi-hardback bound in Salamander Cabra Deluxe Recycled Leather by Encuadernación Ramos, with flyleaves in Takeo Biotope Berry Red (Words), G.F. Smith Colorplan Mid-Green (Books), Takeo Satogami Mustard (Stories)


125 x 208 x 133 mm

Hard case with three pockets and magnetic closure, lined with Takeo Satogami Charcoal by Cartón-Net

Special finishes Foiling by Cartón-Net

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