Dear Jim, good luck for the future.
‘Me marcho a pensar en otro idioma, a hacer fotos donde no salgas, a olvidar en otros sítios.’ — Jara Domínguez in Dear Jim.

A tale of two voices that tell a different side of the same journey. This autobiographical project is built through my pictures and Jara Domínguez’s words, that together form an interwoven narrative of nostalgia and despair. New York and Chicago are not the subject of this photobook, but rather distant memories, the stage where the inner feelings of the protagonists — traveling together, but often distant — come into play. This publication represents a way to reconnect with one another and with the memory of that expedition. The two sides of this book attest to the duality of the reports, where the confusing feelings expressed in the written narrative contrast with attempt at capturing a brighter vision of a long-awaited destination in images. A flexible and apparently fragile Japanese binding holds this double narrative tightly together, uniting two layers of the same publication that never meet.

Joana Bravo and Jara Domínguez, Dear Jim, good luck for the future. Madrid: 2019.

Edition of 2.

230 x 300 mm

Design Joana Bravo

Text Jara Domínguez

Printing Digital HP Indigo on Lakepaper Blocker 80g by PincelHadas 

Binding Japanese by Joana Bravo, with covers in Inapa Malmero Perlé Noir and Blanc

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