Berenice Abbott. Selected Writings
Berenice Abbott is the first author in Ivorypress Ars Litterae series. This collection aims at publishing rare and out-of-print texts by modern and contemporary artists in a format that is available to a wide audience.

The design for this series follows a simple layout and uses a combination of sustainable and recycled materials. The cover paper is partly made from algae, using renewable, non-tree biomass. The small-scale paperback size makes this publication a portable object with a natural and unpretentious feel, where content plays the main role.

Berenice Abbott, Selected Writings. Madrid: Ivorypress, 2020.

140 x 220 mm
184 pages

Design Joana Bravo assisted by María Albillos

Printing Offset on Munken Print White 2.0, 90g 

Binding Soft cover in Favini Shiro Alga Carta Marfil by Encuadernación Ramos

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