Art in the Time of Ecological Disruption
Art in the Time of Ecological Disruption is an exhibition in book form. Having the IACCCA (The International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art) members collections as a starting point, independent curator Heidi Ballet proposes a reflection on the present ecological crisis through contemporary art.

The publication is divided into two parts differing both on a tactile and visual levels by the combination of offset paper for the text pages and a coated one for the artworks. The first part of the book includes interviews with IACCCA members and essays which address pressing issues related to the climate crisis and the challenges of the 21st century, written by Heidi Ballet, T.J. Demos (art critic and historian), and Selina Nwulu (writer and researcher). The second part illustrates the curatorial thesis in three chapters. Each section is marked by coloured dividers whose roughness evokes the touch of natural surfaces.

The cover is silkscreened with an interpretation of Pangea. This initial supercontinent is represented through organic forms that despite being fragmented, are profoundly interconnected. The digital print-on-demand formula used in this project establishes a responsible commitment towards the planet by reducing the environmental impact of production and minimizing the waste of raw material.

Art in the Time of Ecological Disruption. Madrid: IACCCA, 2021.

148 x 210 mm
292 pages

Design Lacasta Design (Paco Lacasta in collaboration with Joana Bravo)

Pre-press Lucam

Printing Digital on Fedrigoni papers (Arena Natural Rough 90g, Symbol Tatami 115g, Materica 120g) by Lucam 

Special finishes Silkscreen printing on cloth 

Binding Softcover on Fedrigoni Materica Kraft with dust jacket on Manifattura del Seveso New Canapetta fabric

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