ACTA is a yearly magazine written, designed, edited and produced by the students of the MA Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture (Universidad Complutense + Universidad Autónoma de Madrid + Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía). 

FISURAS is about what lies in between. It is an invitation to question the concept of hegemony by occupying its cracks [fisuras], wilst embracing the contradictions of a discourse engaged with the margins. This publication stems from the debates that arose around the investigation in the archive of Galería Juana Mordó, out of which would also result an exhibition at the Library and Documentation Center of the Reina Sofía Museum.

The detachable dust-jacket doubles as a foldable poster that wraps up a year’s work: cover/manifesto for the magazine on one side, and conceptual map of the reasearch in the archive on the other. Bound by a simple elastic band, the cover and inside pages were printed on the same the same paper stock, allowing for a flexible and portable publication.

The use of Whyte Inktrap font by ABC Dinamo for the titles matches the issue’s theme through subtle typographic details. As visual approach to the magazine’s subject, photographs of cracked landscapes complement the plurality of voices expressed in the texts written exclusivly for the publication.

ACTA 7 — FISURAS. Madrid: 2022.

150 x 210 mm
64 pages + cover/poster

Design Joana Bravo, with Roberto Riccardo Alvau, Paula García Robleño, Clara Kozak Luaiza, Mike Batista Ríos

Photographs Joana Bravo

Map Paula García Robleño, Clara Kozak Luaiza

Texts Rosita Mariella, Carmen Izquierdo, Jesús Pascual, Milagros Pellicer, Lara Goikotxea, Carla Pinel, Clara Kozak, Paula García, Mike Batista, Claudia Desile, Roberto Alvau, Claudio Hontana, Ana Vázquez, María Sanchis

Printing 2-colour digital printing on Fedrigoni Arena Natural Rough 100g

Binding Stapled inside pages and removable dust-jacket held by an elastic band

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